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    At-Home Activity Ideas

    Many of us are feeling the effects of COVID-19 as we self-quarantine and practice social distancing. With schools closing and participating in e-learning, it can be hard not to feel on edge or even a little stir-crazy trying to come up with things to do without actually going out. Here are some of the ways we have turned these isolating days into family fun time. It is time to bring out the nerf guns and have the battle of the century. With tensions high, this the perfect way to blow off steam and run off some of that anxious energy. Use different rooms in your house as basecamps for each team, or set up outside. Place a colored flag within each basecamp with the goal to capture the opposing team’s flag. Make sure to have a jail that those shot must report to before being able to enter the game again. This should be in between the basecamps. Finally, set up your battle ground with boundaries and deflection covers giving everyone plenty of places to take cover when you decide to open fire. Need something to keep the kids busy? Try a string maze. Get a ton of string, and I mean a ton. Tie one end to a goodie bag of goodies like chocolate or small toys. Start walking while unwinding the roll of string as you go. Hook it around doors, tables and large pieces of furniture. Loop back to where you have already walked and loop your string under and over itself to make it harder to know exactly where it leads. To make it more fun, you can add multiple strands of string that each lead to a clue to where the final goodie bag is. For instance, if the final goodie bag is locked behind a door, have one strand of string lead to a key. If you are itching for some excitement, then host an indoor camping trip. Make a huge blanket fort in one of your rooms. Fill it with pillows and blankets to make it feel cozy. Once inside, you can play simple card games or tell each other ghost stories. Later, you can take a hike and see how many wild animals you can spot, before finishing the night off with hot dogs and smores. You can also add glow in the dark star gossamer and balloons so you can stargaze late into the night. Have a movie marathon with all your friends and family. Popular streaming platforms just released a way to watch movies and shows with your friends and family. Make it a party. Have everyone dress up like their favorite characters and go around with each person taking turns in what movie to watch. If you decide to binge watch a show keep score with a bracket, support your kingdom or support your favorite characters. Whatever you decide, celebrate the ability to connect with friends and family while practicing social distancing. Transform your home into a game board. Become the characters of Clue, CandyLand and Monopoly with large standees. Then, create spaces for the board out of colored pieces of paper. If you have the actual game, use the cards to decide how each player moves. This is a great way to add a twist to one of your favorite games while also giving you a reason to move around and be a little more active. You may be isolating yourself to just your immediate family. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Get creative and make this valuable family time count.