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    DIY Balloon Garland Idea

    Watch the Video: Materials You Will Need: Balloons Monline Balloon Inflator (optional) Glue Gun (optional) Step 1: Blow two balloons up to two different sizes and tie the necks of the balloons together. Do not tie separately. You can tie same colors together or tie two different colors together. You can choose to blow balloons up to same size if you're wanting a different look. Step 2: Tie mono line around one balloon cluster to start your balloon garland. Step 3: Take second balloon cluster and wrap mono line tightly around balloon necks two times. Repeat in same manner for remaining clusters until the desired length is met. You can use string lights instead of mono line if you want a lighted garland. Pack clusters loose for a moveable strand or pack clusters tightly for a stiff strand to run along a path. Finished Illustrations Drape balloon garland over a background. Use a glue gun to hot glue balloons into blank spots on your garland. Secure to a wall or hang from a ceiling. Set balloon garlands on your floor for a decorative cluster or create a path. Drape them over a table or wrap around a base of a table. Create balloon clouds with white and clear balloons.