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    Enchanted Seas Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter just turned five this past week and started kindergarten on the same day. Talk about a double whammy for this mommy. She is growing up so fast and I wanted to give her the most amazing birthday party this year full of all her friends. Normally I keep my daughter’s parties small and they can usually invite about four guests but this time we had a total of 12 kids running around and it was so much fun. My daughter is obsessed with everything mermaid! I decided to try an Enchanted Seas theme, so I could incorporate some pirate activities for the boys. There were so many personalized touches in this party right down to the mermaid outfits. I designed a skirt that was open in the front, so the kids could run easily but had the cutest mermaid tail in the back. My friend sewed up a handful of the mermaid outfits for the girls and then we embellished some simple white tank tops with plastic jewels. For the boys we cut some holes in white t shirts and strung up some shoelaces through the holes. Then we trimmed out the sleeves to look more torn. The kids loved getting all dressed up. There was even a full pirate costume from Shindigz for one of the boys who wanted to be the sea captain. His outfit looked great! The kids dined on carrot crab legs, pretzel driftwood and peanut butter and jelly fish sandwiches. They drank sea water and mermaid potion punch. I set up a favor station for both the mermaids and pirates. The girls got personalized makeup bags to hold all their little accessories while the boys were able to raid "Treasure Trove" for all their pirate loot. Skull necklaces, eye patches, jewels, treasure maps and telescopes all from Shindigz were set out for the pirates to fill up their pouches. Before everyone left they made sure to stop by the "Shellfie Station" to get a quick snapshot in the sand. What an amazing party for my little mermaid and all her sea friends!