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    Football Fantasy Homecoming Spirit Ideas

    Touchdown! It’s football season! Are you a football booster? Do you love attending your high school or college games? Did you know that Shindigz has amazing supplies for all your spirit needs? Today, I’m going to show you how many awesome items you can order from Shindigz to really make your football season the championship winner! It’s so important for your fans to have fun spirit items to cheer on the home team! For your homecoming game, set up a fun "Spirit Station" outside the stadium to supply your fans with all the spirit to get them really pumped for the game! I love this fully customizable Football Fantasy theme kit! Where else can you get your very own set of bleachers with fans? You can make these stands any color with any mascot! I used my home team’s mascot, the Tigers. But, Shindigz has a library full of mascots and graphics. My favorite part is that not only are the bleachers fully customizable, but so are the signs the fans are holding! My spirit station started with this One Team, One Dream" yard sign set. I chose royal blue for my signs, but you can choose any color! You can even choose the outline and accent colors to really personalize them for your school. These are a snap to put together and such a great way to motivate your fans as soon as they arrive at the stadium. These would also be great for tailgating. My spirit station is a table full of all the noisemakers, fan gear, and fun stuff your fans will love! I enjoy using party items in unexpected ways, and instead of using this banner as a hanging banner, I used it as a table front. It’s the perfect size to put right onto my blue poly tablecloth. I simply used a few safety pins right at the top and in the bottom corners. On the table, fans could choose from a variety of spirit items! A good way to raise money for your school or your team is to set this up as a vending table and sell these fun items to your fans! All fans want to make noise for their team, so give them a choice of these stadium horns (which can be personalized!) or these hand clappers! I displayed the hand clappers in low rectangular vases and then added some blue bag shred and a personalized Football Fantasy sticker on the front. Have you ever heard of these stadium horns referred to as "vuvuzelas"? That’s what the fans in my house call them. They are so loud! On either side of my noisemakers, I displayed the football must-have foam fingers! On the other side, I had these awesome Football Fantasy personalized tumblers. These are my favorite item because they can be used over and over! I couldn’t forget those team tattoos as well! Here’s to a great fall football season! Go! Fight! Win!