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    Gender Reveal Party Ideas

    Is it a boy or is it a girl? The question lingers in the air until one day you decide to host a gender reveal party. Everyone has their suspicions, but only the spray of streamer string or the pop of a balloon will reveal exactly who is right and who believes in the wrong old wives’ tales. Address the baby elephant in the room as soon as your guests arrive with a bow tie and bow you can hang from the door. As shared on a Party Tip Tuesday, you can create these fun props or any prop of your choosing by uploading the "art" you want to our website and ordering it as a Big Head. Then, as your guests enter, you can have them grab a blue or pink boa to depict which gender they think your little bun is. Allow your guests to take pictures of their chosen side with a fun, on-theme backdrop. Start by hanging up a silver foil curtain. Then add pink, blue and white streamers to the curtain to create a colorful background. Outline the backdrop with a balloon garland filled with different hues of pink and blue balloons. To add a little extra to your backdrop, you can add pink and blue tissue pom poms or honeycomb balls. For a personalized feel, add a standee of the mom-to-be and create custom photo props by uploading your art as a Fan Face. Give your guests lots of sweet treats to snack on while they wait for the big reveal. Create a table that allows everyone to continue being team girl or boy with pink and blue decor on opposing sides with white lollipops and bowties and bows chocolate in the middle. Set three apothecary jars on each side of the table and fill them up with pink and blue gumballs, sixlets and mints. Your guests can fill up their bowties and bows paper plates with their favorite treats while still supporting their team. When it's time for the moment everyone has been waiting for, there are several options you can choose from to do the actual reveal. There are light-up tubes that glow blue or pink or push up confetti poppers. However, if you want something tailored to your event, you can also create a DIY ceiling reveal. Start by hooking up one end of the white satin fabric to the ceiling. Fill it with either pink or blue confetti and balloons and hook up the other end of the fabric. When it comes time for the reveal, have the happy couple stand under the fabric and pull one end down so that the confetti and balloons fall upon them. All the guests will be able to see which side was right and which side was wrong. Winners get bragging rights and more chocolate!