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    Glow-in-the-Dark New Year's Eve Party for Kids

    Do you throw a New Year’s party for your kids? Kids love getting to celebrate "adult" holidays! If you are having a New Year’s party this year, I say you should set up a kid’s table, too! Invite the kids and let them have their own little New Year’s Eve party by custom tailoring it just for them! What kid doesn’t love glow sticks? Shindigz has so many great glow-in-the-dark party supplies, so I thought I'd go with a glow theme! I chose so many fun items for my glow party and today I am going to show you how to use them! If you want a fun backdrop, but don’t have any way to hang it, I highly recommend photo booth backgrounds that are made of cardboard. They stand up on their own and they make a great party starter! I chose a Let’s Glow Crazy Photo Booth Background and personalized it to say "Happy New Year"; you could even add a family name or the year! I used two Glow Panel Background As as backdrops, too, to create a fun party area. On the party table, I used a simple black polyester tablecloth and then topped it with the Glow Party Plastic Table Cover. My chairs are just simple folding plastic chairs that I transformed using Black Stretch Fabric Chair Covers and Hot Pink Fabric Chair Bands! How great does that look? And it protects your chairs from spills! For my centerpieces, I had a ton of fun! I used the Let’s Glow Crazy Personalized Centerpieces. But, instead of filling them with flowers, I added a fishbowl on top and filled it with Multi-Color Glow Necklaces! I love the look this created for my table! Each place setting was created using Neon Colored Dinner Plates, with a Glow Party Dessert Plate on top. I added a glow necklace around each dessert plate to light it up. Then, I topped each place setting with a New Year neon glow crown. Did you know that Shindigz has glow-in-the-dark forks? How fun are these? Each place setting also received a Let’s Glow Crazy Personalized Tumbler! No spills! I added glow bracelets around the top and bottom of the tumblers to light them up at night. Every New Year’s Eve party has to have wearables! This New Year Neon Glow Chairman pack comes with a TON of fun supplies: fedoras, party crowns, glow-in-the-dark glasses, necklaces, earrings, party horns, bracelets, and more! Enough for 50 guests! My 6-year-old is currently obsessed with fidget spinners, so these Glow-in-the-Dark Hand Spinners were the perfect party favor! He could not stop playing with them! Plus, they keep the kids busy at the party. When it’s time for the countdown, turn down the house lights, turn on the blue light and your party is ready to glow!