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    Grad Party Parade

    Even if it’s an improvised celebration, your senior deserves their day in the spotlight! Grad parties, like every other celebration this year, are going to be different. Adjustments and changes are hard, but remaining positive is a must! Remember, positivity is contagious. Your home might be in need of some positive vibes, and what better cure is there than planning for a party?! If you’re a parent, you’ve probably dreamed of your child’s graduation day. As the saying goes, "it’s the first day of the rest of your life." But how am I supposed to celebrate my grad amidst a global pandemic? No need to fear, we have the solution here! We suggest having a grad party parade. With this type of "drive-up party," you can host the grad party your senior deserves while practicing social distancing! Here’s a step-by-step guide to pulling it off: 1. Start by sending invitation cards to your guests. Be sure to explain that they are to drive by the location of your grad party rather than coming inside. You can use the phrase, "Please join us for our Grad Party Parade." 2. Have your guests join in on the fun with fan faces of your grad! These are proven to make a grad feel special. Choose your favorite photos and turn them into fan faces. 3. On the day of, make sure to put out a gift receptacle for guests to drop off presents for your grad! We have card boxes too! We suggest putting a weight (e.g. small rocks, stack of cards) at the bottom of the card box since it will be outdoors. 4. If you’re holding your celebration at your home, use a garage banner sure to impress! If you’re someone who appreciates the little details, these are for you. 5. Your guests will definitely know where the party is with a personalized yard sign or word message. In regards to a theme for your party, choose one that you feel best represents them. It’s also a good idea to include your grad on the planning. It’s important to cherish those small moments together! 6. Decorate your door to nail down the details! We suggest using items like streamers, photo numbers, or other hanging decorations. If your grad was an athlete, celebrate their career, with a sport standee. Whether you throw a grad party or not, the most important message here is to stay positive! Especially if you’re living at home with your senior during this tragic time, remember that they are impacted by positive energy. Planning a grad party parade might be the solution to bringing some positive energy back into the home.