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    Greatest Gala School Fundraiser Ideas

    I’m so excited to share with everyone a fundraising event I’ve been working on for months. Countless hours and planning went into this fundraiser and silent auction. All the hard work from all our volunteers paid off in the end because we raised almost $11,000 for our elementary school computer lab. We’ve started the groundwork on the new lab, and it will be unveiled next school year! I can’t wait to see our kids get to enjoy it. So many vendors came together to donate their time or products to make this event possible – I’m beyond grateful that Shindigz was one of them. Let’s be real. When you’re working with nonprofit organizations and fundraising events, there’s usually a tiny budget to pull it all together. Shindigz helped in a tremendous way to add special touches throughout the event that really took it up a notch. From the custom raffle ticket awning to fun games like ring toss and plinko, guests loved the ambience of the event while bidding on all the silent auction items. When guests checked in, they were greeted with a program listing the events for the evening and all our sponsors. Then they were each given a colored pinwheel which let the waiters know their meal choice for the evening. I transformed the dining room by adding black spandex covers from Shindigz to give it an extra wow factor. I alternated gold sequin and red table overlays to break up all the tables. Every centerpiece was different yet cohesive to the theme – tables featured live betta fish, ostrich feathers and gold painted circus animals in different style cages. I set up one main table I called the "Eats & Treats" table that featured nostalgic circus treats. Peanuts, cracker jacks, popcorn, caramel apples and many more yummy snacks were eaten up before the night was over. For the backdrop I used an 8x8 backdrop panel that can easily help to transform any space. Plus, it’s something I can use again and again. I added red circus letters cut from thin plywood to finish it off. Circus-themed props like the ringmaster’s megaphone, themed circus posters and trapeze hoops on each side added another design element. Outside was a second cocktail area with alternating gold sequin and black stripe overlays. We had a photo booth featuring a red balloon garland and some great circus prop standees. Guests were out all night taking photos and enjoying the live music. It was such a magical night and, in the end, worth every minute that was poured into it.