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    Halloween Science Experiment Birthday Party Ideas

    It’s officially Halloween time! Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love to come up with creative ways to decorate for the season. My friend’s son has a birthday in September and I was chatting with her regarding what theme he wanted this year. He couldn’t stop talking about Halloween and trick-or-treating, so I thought why not have a Halloween theme? He also loves science, so I thought it would be fun to throw a mad scientist party but with a fun Halloween twist. So, drumroll please – welcome to Ethan’s Halloween Science Birthday Experiment! Of course, all the kids had to come dressed in costumes. We had everything from an astronaut, a mummy and even Rapunzel herself. To keep the kids entertained, a balloon artist made some of the coolest spooky spiders and jet packs for the kids. We set up multiple games like Halloween twister and pin the nose on the witch. The kids loved it! Since it was an earlier morning party that started at 10:30 a.m., we served up bagels and a cereal bar featuring some werewolf kibble. The kids’ table is always my favorite area to decorate. I used a long table and draped it with creepy fabric. Black buckets were used for the seats and a spooky forest was set up as the centerpiece. Custom plates, clear cups decorated with vinyl cutouts and spider silverware were some of the fun touches. To make the silverware you just wrap your black silverware in a black napkin vertically and then twist with black pipe cleaners to make some legs. I had a fog machine set up at the end of the table so occasionally it would send fog down the center of the table that made it look totally spooky. You can’t have a mad scientist party without a science lab. I used the lab as my direction for the main table that featured the drink, cake and favors. We used a vegetable juice to serve as our potions and poisons radioactive punch. The birthday boy requested a skeleton cake, but everything I was finding online was a little bit too creepy. So instead I purchased a plain white cake and decorated it with some skeleton pieces made from white chocolate and crushed Oreos to look like dirt, finishing it off with its own tombstone. The bottom part of the table was decorated with favors the kids could grab to fill up their goodie bags. The kids loved the lab rats, H2O waters, slime tubes and bat wings. I used candy tubes and filled them full of slime to make radioactive slime tubes. The slime tubes were the biggest hit! All the kids had so much fun and left the party counting down the days until Halloween!