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    Nerf War Birthday Party Idea

    My friends’ son was turning nine and loves everything Nerf, so we decided to join forces and throw him the most epic Nerf birthday ever. We, of course, had to have an obstacle course, which was the main event! I spent a lot of time browsing for ideas and looking for inspiration; it just became a bit overwhelming. So, I teamed up with Shindigz to showcase their Nerf line because it’s the best one out there. They offer so many different pieces to give you the most amazing battlefield without a whole lot of leg work. After a 90-minute, simple assembly, I had an awesome war field. I knew making everything myself would have taken too much time, so this was a no-brainer. For the party, birthday boy Jack rounded up five of his friends and we let the battle begin. I filled up some metal pails with a Nerf gun, bullets and eyeblacks. It made for a cool display but also doubled as a party favor they got to take home. There were two rounds of battles. In the first round, the winner got the coveted "Nerf War Battlefield Champion" trophy. After the battle was done, the kids grabbed some refreshments and sat down to dig in. I filled personalized cups with cheeseball grenades and made a bullseye pizza. All you have to do for the bullseye is buy a couple frozen pizzas and let them thaw for a few minutes at room temperature, so you can pick off the pepperonis. Then, just rearrange them all in the center to make your target--simple and budget-friendly. After they had time to eat, the second round of battle began. This time they were playing for the Nerf-gun-of-all-Nerf-guns and it just so happened that the birthday boy won and got to take it home. We finished the party with some elite cupcakes and bullseye cookies, then sent the boys off. Happy Nerfday, Jack!