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    Window Decorations – A Great At-Home Activity & Symbol of Hope

    The trend of decorating windows has become an easy way to spread messages of hope during these times. Putting decorations in your windows is just one way that we can stay connected during this time apart. It is also a great activity to keep the kids busy while staying at home. Below are a few things that you can use to spread some positivity in your neighborhood. Hanging fans and banners are a simple way to add some color to your windows. Have the kids choose their favorite color or get some of every color and create a rainbow! Pennant banners are also a fun way to decorate your windows. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns or hang messages of hope with jointed banners. Heart window decorations have become the symbol of hope and positivity while we’re physical distancing. They are a simple, yet meaningful symbol. Shindigz offers all the supplies you need for a day of heart making with the kids. Flat paper rolls and corrugated paper can easily be rolled out for the kids to trace heart patterns on. Cut out the hearts and hang them in your windows! Choose from many designs, colors and textures. Mimic the beautiful spring greenery that is popping up outside in your spring window décor. Shindigz offers a variety of greenery that will make your window grow and come alive. Have the kids choose from beautiful flower garlands or big, beautiful tropical leaves to create their own gardens. Have the kids choose from any of the many themes that Shindigz offers and find wall hanging cutouts or wall decorations to create a fun scene in the window. Turn your windows into a 50’s diner with a jukebox and milkshake, an aquarium with fish cutouts or create a candyland! Playing pretend with these decorations is a great way to pass the time at home. You may be advised to social distance, but your decorations don’t have to! Bring personal and heartfelt messages to your friends and family with yard sign décor. A great project for kids that gets them outside is setting up these signs and decorations for neighbors, friends and family to drive past. Spell out a message with Expression Letters or have your kid’s favorite Paw Patrol characters come to play. Another great at-home kids activity could be to sit down with your kids and design a personalized yard sign that says what you want with the perfect design. Put smiles of the faces of people walking and driving through the neighborhood, connect with one another and have a great at-home activity for your kids with these window decorating ideas. Decorating the windows of your home is a safe way to let them express their creativity and get their minds active. We all have to do our part of and stay safe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be alone together.