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    Sunshine Baby Shower Ideas

    I recently hosted a baby shower for my good friend Michele. This is her 3rd go around at being a mom so she didn’t want the traditional big baby shower get-together. She asked for a small gathering of our mom group of friends with some good food, laughter and some cupcakes. So, I would call it more of a baby sprinkle then an actual shower. Her favorite song to sing to her other two kids is "You Are My Sunshine". I based the sprinkle loosely on that song and decided to go with colors you might find in the sunset on a warm summer night. I paired yellow with coral, light pink, hot pink, some aqua for the sky and, because I like a touch of fancy, some gold mixed in. I planned it for a Friday afternoon so that all our kids were in school and we had time to just sit and celebrate together. The girls arrived for lunch and we started off the celebration with some "Mom Juice" in our personalized glasses from Shindigz. I used these before for a Moms in Paradise Mother’s Day party and they were perfect for both occasions. Our mom juice was just a mixture of three different types of citrus juices sweetened with a rock candy stick. For lunch we had spinach stuffed ravioli, a pear arugula salad and a few appetizers to pair with it. I tried to keep the food in correlation with the color scheme, so I put together a small appetizer of mandarin oranges sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and drizzled with fresh honey. They were perfectly displayed on clear petite appetizer plates. My backdrop for the food table was so easy to make and pulled in all the colors. I simply cut strips of papers streamers in various lengths then draped them over my backdrop stand. It came together in less than 20 minutes and was a big wow factor. Since it was just a small group of moms gathering together, we didn’t need a full dessert table. I set up a little side table off the main table that was perfect to display our lemon buttercream cupcakes. A little design tip when it comes to party set ups that I always like to incorporate – add a pop of color to the floor. That way the colors are consistent from the backdrop all the way down to the bottom of your tablecloth. I usually do that by adding some honeycomb balls or balloons to the floor in coordinating colors. It also helps to fill the empty space for photographing all those pretty details. You’ll see that for this party I used some yellow and pink honeycombs balls right at the base of the main table to fill in some gaps and it just give it that finishing touch. Michele. being the sweetheart that she is, asked us not to get her or the baby anything – but of course we didn’t listen. We kept it small though and all pitched in for a super soft cuddly blanket for the rocking chair in the nursery, a cuddle teddy bear and a framed poster-sized print of the saying, "You Are My Sunshine". She loved it all. Since I knew ahead of time what we were already getting her, I incorporated the gifts into the party décor. Try to base the theme off the nursery décor so that anything made or bought for the shower can be reused in the nursery afterwards. It was a beautiful afternoon filled with love celebrating baby Phyllis.