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    TMNT Birthday Party Idea

    Cowabunga……Calling all TMNT lovers!! I remember this show growing up and was thrilled to throw a party with these silly green ninjas! Party guests were greeted by a teenage mutant ninja turtle standee at the door holding an oversized mylar balloon. The inspiration for our dessert table backdrop came from the sewers and graffiti images commonly seen in the TMNT series and movies. We chose "RAD" and "Dude" as our graffiti inspired words and created a 3D look by spray-painting letter mylar balloons with neon colors and attaching them to a brick paper backdrop using 3D glue dots. For a pop of color, we added a green plastic table skirt around the base of the table covered in white linens. The centerpiece of the table was a display of simple cupcakes, dressed up with personalized wrappers and TMNT toppers. Party guests also enjoyed pizza sugar cookies and individually packaged "Turtle Snacks", aka pizza shaped candies. Sweets were served on TMNT dessert plates. To incorporate the characters, and to add height and dimension to the table, we displayed two of the ninja turtles as standees to either side of the backdrop. Guests enjoyed snacks served on TMNT dessert plates at a table covered in green paper table linens and a DIY runner made from the same sheet of brick patterned paper used on the backdrop. Centerpieces were DIY sewer pipes, created from plumbing piping found at the local hardware store spray painted using both black and silver colors. We added these honeycomb TMNT faces, as if they were popping out of the pipes. This was a super fun, 5-10 minute craft activity that added a unique element to our party’s table. Each guest’s place setting had one of the characters as oversized fan faces as well as water bottles wrapped in personalized stickers. The fan faces, along with individual containers of "Toxic Ooze" offered tons of party fun for the kiddos. Our birthday boy had a blast dressing up as Leonardo in this fun TMNT children’s costume, complete with his own nunchucks. I love incorporating costumes when possible into a party’s décor, as they not only are fun for photo ops during the event, but they can also serve as a great birthday gift. Party guests each took home personalized pizza boxes with goodies inside as their favors.