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    How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

    Celebrations, achievements and parties are going to be a little different this year,but that does not mean they have to be anything less than amazing! Virtual baby shower’s can be a fun, safe and simple way to celebrate the mama-to-be. One awesome advantage of a virtual baby shower is that distance is not a factor and friends and family from out of town can join in! Check out how to throw a virtual baby shower with these 5 easy steps! Shindigz offers many baby shower themes that make putting together your virtual shower easy. While travel may be put on hold right now, you can send your guest to a tropical island with the Oh, Baby! baby girl theme or head off to Europe with the Party in Paris theme. Mom having a boy? No problem! Have a royal affair with the Royal Prince baby shower theme or explore the ocean with the Lil’ Spout Blue baby shower theme. There are also many gender neutral party supplies to choose from that include themes like the classic nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle little star. Next, customize your baby shower invitations. Make sure to include which technology you will be using when you meet. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and Skype are all great options. Make sure to be aware of time zones when making plans. When sending out invitations, include a blank notecard with a pre-stamped envelope for guests to write and send back advice for the mom-to-be. Before you decorate, choose a place that will be the perfect backdrop for your video call. Traditional baby shower decorations like tableware, centerpieces and favors may not be the best for a virtual baby shower. However, banners, balloons, backgrounds and large party props will work great! And since the baby is going to be so sweet, you could even display a sweets table with customized lollipops or build a cupcake tower with personalized cupcake wrappers in the background. Make sure the mother-to-be has created a gift registry and it is included on the invitations. Have guests send the presents directly to the host’s house or have a show-n-tell through the video conference. Even though you cannot all be in the same room. You can still play some fun games. Here are a few ideas. The only supplies guests need for these games are a pen and paper. Gift cards are great prizes that can be easily mailed out to the winners once the virtual baby shower is over. Hold up a baby related item and have your guests guess the price. The guest with the closest price without going over for the most items wins! Have guests create a bingo card on their paper. Before opening presents, have them fill in the boxes with items that the mom-to-be may receive. They will announce that they have BINGO for everyone to hear. The host will play a variety of nursery rhymes for all the guests to hear. The shorter the time that they are played, the harder the game! Have guests guess what the title of the nursery rhyme is. The guest with the most correct answers wins. It is always proper etiquette to send thank you notes after a baby shower whether it is virtual or not. If your guests are close by, you can fill up a personalized favor box or bag and deliver them on guest’s doorsteps as a "thank you" for participating. Fill it with custom chocolates, candy or one of the many baby shower favors and gifts Shindgiz has to offer.