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    Full Custom Jumbo Popcorn Pops, Pkg/6

    Our Full Custom Popcorn Pops feature white gourmet popcorn on a stick with the yummy sensation of eating a marshmallow treat. These individually wrapped gourmet pops are made with freshly popped popcorn and tossed with marshmallow filling. Decorated with M&Ms, sprinkles and Ghiradelli's white chocolate drizzle, and tied off with a ribbon. M&M, sprinkle and ribbon color will be coordinated to compliment your design.
    • Choose from pkg/6 or pkg/12
    • Each weighs 3 oz.
    • Pop is 4" diameter x 2 1/2" thick with an 8" total height (including stick)
    • Best if consumed within 7 days of receiving
    • Store in cool, dry place - do not refrigerate
    • Allergy Warning - Contains soy, milk & eggs
    • Can be frozen for up to 1 year